red light on qhy 5 II / issues with PHD

red light on qhy 5 II / issues with PHD
« on: March 25, 2015, 12:39:00 PM »

Hi, what are the various inidcations for the red light on the back of the camera?  I think blinking means it is connected and taking exposures.  I was having issues guiding last night and I think the light was solid red.

I have had good success guiding with PHD and this camera however last night I could not get it to move the star during calibration.  Looked like it was not taking exposures.  I turned computer off and on, changed the cable from computer to cameara, and changed camera to scope cable - still no luck. Max duration RA was set up to 2000.   I have it pluged into my lap top at work today and it appears to be taking exposures.  I googled around but did not come up with good solutions based on my set up.  Has anyone else had similar issues or have an idea?

Wonder if moisture got inside somehow and is now cleared up?  Saw something about this on the web.

thanks, Mike