QHY5-II QHY5L-II system driver ,ASCOM and EZP V34 and FAQ


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QHY5-II QHY5L-II system driver ,ASCOM and EZP V34 and FAQ
« on: September 09, 2012, 10:48:57 PM »

      Please download it at the download page of QHYCCD website:

Some Topics on QHY5-II series

EZPlanetary preview and user guide

QHY5-II series: How to get best FPS

QHY5-II only(Not for QHY5L-II) How to remove the slightly grid after stacking and how to avoid the random horizonal banding under high gain

QHY5-II series: How to connect with HandyAvi to do automaticly meteor capture

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Re: QHY5-II QHY5L-II system driver ,ASCOM and EZP V34 and FAQ
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2012, 01:41:46 AM »
1.What's the lastest verison of driver and software

The driver is 2012-8-4¬ 
Software is EZPlanetary V3.4

2. QHY5L-II-Color version. The display image is wrong color , for example, the pink
Wrong debayer sequence. Select GR in menu->camera->color->GR

3. QHY5L-II-Color version is too green
Color balance need to be adjusted.¬  Adjust the red and blue bar to get correct color

4.After connect camera, The image can not get out . The software seems like dead. Only small resolution like 320*240 can be display
The reason is the CPU or mainboard chipset can not runs to match the high FPS. Need to reduce the speed of camera or limite the USB bandwidth.
Following the step in http://qhyccd.com/ccdbbs/index.php?topic=3500.0

4.After stack and shape, the QHY5-II image has grid (only for QHY5-II,¬  QHY5L-II has no this issue)
This is an issue of the CMOS sensor MT9M001. Need to switch to manual RGGB offset adjustment. The detail step is

5.Very low disk write speed
We suggest to use the RAW format to save the image . The data is only 1/3 of the color format. For example,
in 1280*1024 or 1280*960 the bandwidth will exceed 100MB/s , Most HDD can not match this speed. While
use RAW only 36MB/s-39MB/s .

6. The RAW AVI color is wrong after using stack software converted into color.¬  Image is pink color, or image's
red color be placed to blue and blue color be replaced to red.
The selected debayer RGGB sequence is wrong. Stack software has four selections. You can test one by one and
find the correct color. It is best to do some experiment to find the correct selection in daylight by capture some
color object.

7.How to edit the filename fastly
Select the "use suffix" options in save option window. After exit the save option window the suffix bar in software
statu bar will become red. Double click it , the filename suffix can be edit.¬  After edited, double click it again.

8. How to change the file pach fastly
Double click the blue bar in the statu bar.

9.How to change the file format fastly
Double click the green bar in the statu bar.

10. Why flicker or wide scrolling banding appears in the image
This is the flicker of fluorescent lamp(50Hz or 60Hz) .Adjust the exposure time
to 20ms(in 50Hz AC area) or 16.6ms(in 60Hz AC area) to avoid this issue

11.Why QHY5L-II stop exposure after 3sec and start a new exposure even exposure time set to above 3sec
To improve the feature of QHY5L-II in long exposure, we add a options called "Long exposure mode"¬  It can be set in the advanced settings. After check it. Any long exposure can be ok. If not cheked, 3sec exposure is limited.

12.Which OS can be supported in this driver/software
windows xp 32bit¬  ,¬  ¬ windows 7 32 and 64bit¬  ¬  ¬ windows 8 32bit¬  ¬ windows vista 32bit has been tested ok¬  ¬  ¬  ¬ win8-64bit has not been tested so not sure of it

13.Any requirement of the length of USB cable?
Yes , shorter USB cable is recommand for QHY5-II series camera. Because QHY5-II works close to the max limit of USB2.0 (apporx 39MB/s) . Long cable will cause the USB packet damaged and bad frame increased and even cause all frame lost. The software looks like halt with zero FPS.¬  If must use long cable. the sepcially USB extender cable is required.

14.How to select the combine of gain and offset?
Normally speaking , lower gain will give your more smooth image after stacked. So we recommand the gain as lower as possible.For example, for QHY5L-II-MONO gain<=10 is a good value.

15.Why some of USB port runs high FPS better while some is not even in one computer.
Since the QHY5-II series camera works in the limitation of USB2.0. Reach to 36-39MB/s.¬  The performance of USB port will effect the FPS .¬  The USB port performance is not the same due to the layout and route of the USB wire on the mainboard. This will effect the FPS. Please try each port of computer and find out a best one .

16.How to connect MAXIMDL with QHY5-II sereis.
Need install the ASCOM platform and install the QHY5-II ascom driver or QHY5L-II ascom driver. Then select ASCOM camera in MAXIMDL camera list and select QHY5-II or QHY5L-II in the ascom camera list.

17.How to connect PHDGUIDING with QHY5-II series.
There is two method:
Method 1: Go through ASCOM . Just like the question 16.

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Re: QHY5-II QHY5L-II system driver ,ASCOM and EZP V34 and FAQ
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2012, 04:37:32 AM »
Hello Mr QiuHY

is there a binning x2 function in ascom?

It would be very usefull for autoguiding / PHD