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Re: Stand alone autoguider
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well my first post here after I stumbled over your CCD Imagers.
And nice to see People I know from other boards like Gerhard :) (astronomie.de, astrotreff.de)
At the moment I am still working with a modified Canon 300D.
For guiding I use a SBIG ST-4 and it works grat.
Still this old machine has some drawbacks.
- low senstitivity
- now controll lcd screen

I am sure a stand alone autoguider would be a big "must have to" for all those DSLR imagers aut there.
If good designed even I would be interested in one, for sure!

Gerhard if you read this, could you please contact me over my homepage?
I have some quetions about the CCD imager.


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Re: Stand alone autoguider
« Reply #16 on: March 28, 2007, 01:35:34 PM »
Most people are interested in the ST4 autoguider so something in the equivalent price point could be very attractive.  Since Many DSLR imagers like myself are price sensitive (otherwise we would go for the higher priced SBIGs with built-in guider), upscale items would not be as attractive.

If it was priced for the masses in the 300-399 range new, I think it would be very attractive and very hard to pass up.  Beyond that, most would probably keep an eye out for a used SBIG ST4.  Maybe introductory features run in this range and "Advanced" (like ST5 built-in video) features could be an "additional charge" higher priced model.