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Accessories by QHYCCD or Third Part Supply / Re: GPIO connector qhy600
« on: April 15, 2021, 05:00:59 AM »
Good afternoon, I have a question . 
How can I use the GPIO connector qhy600 pro 6 pin to put a GPS on it? 
Is there a connections manual?
Hi, I have just checked the user manuals and I can see that the manual includes SharpCap, ASCOM, EZCAP_QT, and N.I.N.A. but I can't see anything about GPIO... That's a bummer, I was planning to bring my QHY600 to my property in Germany and use it with a GPIO connector next month but seems like no need to bother if there are no manuals.

Coming back to this page, to verify there hasn't been any response.  :(
I'm still missing a readable and downloadable manual. To be more clear with what i mean, if i'm saying the manual isn't readable, i uploaded a screenshot from the online manual (which exactly looks like the PDF version i got from my reseller).

So, please, twith some sugar on top, could you fix that and provide a droper and downloadable manual for this camera, for which i spent quite some money? Thanks!

It's strange I generally like QHY documentations. Hope they answer soon...

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