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I have installed the ASCOM driver "...V21.01.08.11.zip" referenced.  The ASCOM 6.5 SP1 Camera Setup shows version  However, in testing, the camera driver still reports it is InterfaceVersion 2 and attempts to access the camera's MinOffset and MaxOffset throw an exception:

      Camera connected successfully
      Camera set temperature: -10.5C
      Max supported binning: 2x2
      Minimum exposure time: 0.000 sec
      Camera sets gain by gain value
      Camera gains - Min: 0  Max: 580
      Current gain setting: 174
      Interface version: 2
      MinOffset threw exception
      CMOS camera driver does not support 'Offset' values
ASCOM Filter wheel: ASCOM.QHYCFW.FilterWheel
      Filter wheel connected successfully
      Installed filters: Slot #1 -> [C]
      Installed filters: Slot #2 ->
      Installed filters: Slot #3 ->
      Installed filters: Slot #4 -> [V]
      Installed filters: Slot #5 -> [R]
      Installed filters: Slot #6 ->
      Installed filters: Slot #7 -> [Empty]
      Installed filters: Slot #8 -> [Block]
      Interface version: 2


ASCOM 6.5 and the ICameraV3 update is the update every QHY camera owner has been waiting for as it finally allows programmatic setting of both the gain and offset values for a CMOS camera.  I can't imagine anything going on at QHY that could be more important than releasing your updated ASCOM camera driver.

Charlie Miller
ASCOM Developer

QHYCCD Standard Software Q&A / Updated ASCOM driver to support ICameraV3
« on: December 30, 2020, 03:47:15 PM »
As I work on my photometry application to make it ASCOM 6.5 compliant, I noticed the latest QHY ASCOM installer ( has not been updated to support the new ICameraV3 specification that is a part of the ASCOM 6.5 update.  Without ICameraV3 compliance, I am not able to programmatically control the "offset" parameter of my QHY camera.  This severely limits the use of QHY CMOS cameras for photometry and other astronomical imaging.

Is there a release date for the ICameraV3 version of the QHY ASCOM installer?

Charlie Miller
ASCOM Developer


The camera, itself, does not create the FITS header.  The application software that downloads the image from the camera creates the FITS header.  So, if the FITS header is incorrect, the author of the imaging software must be contacted.

ASCOM Developer

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