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Mechanical Q&A / Re: Can't focus QHY268M & QHY174M with OAG
« on: February 23, 2021, 05:25:25 AM »
is it possible to have an answer from the QHY technicians who created and published the optical schemes which are obviously wrong and deceptive?


Mechanical Q&A / Can't focus QHY268M & QHY174M with OAG
« on: February 21, 2021, 08:34:50 AM »
Hi, I need help focusing my new QHY268M (main imaging camera) and my QHY174M guide camera on OAG-M.

The setup is composed by: QHY268M, QHYCFW2M-US filter wheel, QHY OAG-M with QHY174M, and some spacers, to achieve the backfocus of 55mm, as per the schematics on your website.

I cannot focus both cameras at the same time, the focus point of the guide camera is much closer (about 250mm) than the focal point of the imaging camera.

I clearly cannot move the guide camera closer to the scope, by adding spacers between the guide and the imaging cameras, because then I would go past the backfocus of 55mm that I need to achieve for the flattener/reducer.

Since my whole setup is QHY and it seems I have done everything according to your schematics, I would like your help in solving the issue.


My Italian reseller has just sent me an email to inform me that QHY contacted him and they're going to send him a new camera to replace my broken one.

I was quite disappointed because of the long wait, but QHY efficiency is clearly still there... Thanks a lot!  :)

I am writing a post here hoping something from QHY HQ can read this and help me on the issue.

I have bought a QHY163M about 18 months ago, and it worked very well until about a month ago, when the temperature sensor stopped working, together with the whole cooling functionality.

I shipped the camera on 6th June to my Italian authorized reseller (SkyPoint), that hastily received the package on 10th JUne and shipped it to the QHY European service centre in Czech Republic.
It got there on 18th June, and after about a week the service centre informed us that they were not able to proceed with the repair and they were going to send my camera to QHY headquarters in China!

Therefore the camera was shipped again on 26th June and reached QHY on 3rd July.
The camera has now been sitting there for two weeks, waiting for someone to actually look at it, repair it and finally send it back to me.

I find it really unacettable for QHY to have an item waiting for repair for 2 whole weeks, considering the product value and the professionality that I used to associate with QHY.
If the damage is so bad that it takes so long to fix it, maybe QHY should consider to send me a new camera, while taking its own time to fix the broken one and then sell it again as refurbished item.

It's very disappointing to have to wait for so long, this is a huge issue for me and it is honestly making me re-evaluate my opinion on the company.

I hope to get a feedback soon.  :(


I think you should send your camera back for repair.

Can you tell me where are you from?

Best Regards

I'll contact the seller and see what to do, I still have active warranty on the camera.

    Which version EZCAP_Qt and ASCOM driver do you use?Are them the newest version?
Best Regards,

Hi, newest version of both, I downloaded and reinstalled them from their websites two days ago to properly test the camera

    How do you connect camera to PC?By HUB or directly?And do you use it with CFW?Did you try it with EZCAP_Qt?
Best Regards,

I connect it directly to pc, I use it with CFW and I tried to connect it to EZCAP_Qt as well, same issues.

Hi everyone,
after a few months of rest for my camera (due to bad weather), I managed to use it for two nights only to discover an issue in the cooling system!

I use SGPro, when I connect the camera to the computer, SGPro sees the camera, the fan starts working, but the cooler doesn't! The temperature panel in SGPro says "temperature NA" like it can't read it properly, if I try to press "cool", it looks like it's trying to actually cool it but after a few seconds it stops, and temperature is always NA.

I checked SGPro logs and found this error:
 LOG_FATAL GetCFWStatus - vendRXD error (qhy5iiicoolbase.cpp):183

Does it mean the cooler is broken and I need to send it in for repairs?

Any suggestion on what to try?

Thanks in advance

My filters are 1mm thick (Astronomik filters), so I wasn't going to consider 0.33mm in my calculation :)

As for the camera glass, I assumed that was included in what QHY declares as "camera back focus" in the combination tables... of course I may be wrong.

Thanks for your help

Astronomy equipment Discussion board / QHY163M + QHYCFW2S + SW Reducer 0.85x
« on: September 25, 2017, 03:36:36 AM »
I'm new to the forum and to the monochrome photography world :)
I'd like to get some help in determining the correct backfocus for my setup.

I have a SW 80 ED Black diamond with a flattener/reducer that has a 55mm backfocus.
My QHY163M is connected to the FW M42 Female Thread provided in the standard package, and I'm surely going to need an adapter to connect the FW to the reducer (that has a 48m thread). I need to determine the lenght of the extension to purchase, so I figured, based on the connection combination tables published on QHY website:
- QHY163M is 9-9.5mm
- M42 female thread is 8mm
- FW is .... 14? 15.5? I'd say 14, since " solution 1 use the M42 or M54 screw to connect the CFW. " (but then why is the 8mm of M42 thread not mentioned in the backfocus calculation?)

The three pieces above brings me to a total of 31-31.5, so this means that, to get to the backfocus of 55mm required by my flattener, I need a 24mm extension?

Is the math right? Too many connections options are messing my mind up...

Thanks a lot

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