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Which one is the latest QHY294PROC 'windows' driver?

I have and now I have installed latest QHYCCD.dll - the one that features 47Mb RGB24 colour, it is NOT detected any more by Sharpcap!

Detected by Windows thou [].

I am 'just asking' as it might just be THAT the problem.

What a nightmare ...

If there is not one problem, then there is another one coming out!


1. using SharpCap 3.2.6482 [64bit] stable - no detection - yes I have put latest QHYCCD.dll within its ROOT
2. using SharpCap 4 beta [32bit] - it is detected + RGB24 at 47Mp works [4fps], but beta has its problems ...
3. using SharpCap 3.2.6482 [32bit] works fine RGB24 too - I remember Robin stating - if you get problems with 64bit, stick with 32bit = true!


This thread is from other one: https://www.qhyccd.com/bbs/index.php?topic=8408.90, as I was crowding it with problems that have nothing to do with other thread - sorry - I let myself go!

Can anyone help in taking FLATS using SharpCap and QHY294PROC ?

I have not certain idea and my situation is, I have mostly bad weather and time limited and every time I can match 'free time' / 'decent weather' / 'nobody bothering me!' I get to solve problems rather than do any decent shots!

Very frustrating and I also am sited within a small gap of sky in a back yard!

Any help would do.

I am guessing  - based on what I have read, you generally have to set SharpCap to same Gain [maybe]/ focus [obviously] as the Lights, then change Exposure [usually 2-5ms if I am not wrong] and keep Histogram at around 50% white wave peak?
I cannot do it and it seems extraction of flat while on DSS or similar program does not actually do much!

i.e. SharpCap states:
An ideal flat frame histogram would have a peak at about the 50-60% level and have all the histogram between the 20% and 80% levels. This is shown below for monochrome and colour cameras

I will try again tonight, but if anybody can give us some useful practical tips ASAP, I will try tonight and also do them after focusing and before taking lights.

Thank you in advance to any one.


PS in a few years I will retire and i am slowly trying to built a few setups and then when all works, sell whatever I do not need. Trying to do things as simple as possible ans since here in North East England UK is generally cold and have very few good nights and one need to get to use as many as possible.
I have slowly managed to setup Computer/controls form inside - not far from tripod and used old EQ6 motors to adapt them to 2 telescopes with SW old control - I do gross focusing by hand - unless telescope is already set and then attach belt and fine tune focusing indoor.

While I was testing a little bit the 294Proc with SharpCap [OK], I thought I would connect it to N.I.N.A. - which I have not used yet...  I did set it up a couple of months ago and ready to learn how to use it - following a starting tutorial.

I have just updated N.I.N.A. to latest 1.10 HF2 and also copied/pasted data from QHYCCD sdk_WinMix_21.03.13\pkg_win\ 32bit and 64bit folders within C:\Program Files (x86)\N.I.N.A. - Nighttime Imaging 'N' Astronomy\External QHYCCD folder within 32 and 64 bit folders.

Anything else I ned to do?

Camera now is happily detected and also Cooling seems to 'barely' starting to work.
I set it at -10 to test it, but I see Chip Temperature showing as 0.60 / 0.00  and cooler power at 0.00 on graphics it shows as -30?  and cooler power at 0.00 !!!

Anyway, I cannot use camera in LIVE position on N.I.N.A. - I get:
 Error retrieving image data from camera!

Is QHY294ProC actually set to work with N.I.N.A. yet?
Works with Sharpcap [not beta yet].
I am not in a rush, as I am waiting for you to fix the 47M problem so I can use it 'properly' on a short FL telescope - i.e. my SW 72ED


QHYCCD SDK FOR WINDOWS / ONE page for drivers etc.
« on: December 03, 2020, 06:51:16 AM »
Recently got a QHY294c and last night I had a couple of hours clear and wished to install and check it out, but ended up with another wasted 2 hours for nothing.

I have very little time and 'Northern England - UK' can be ridiculously covered all the time and I am in a valley therefore weather forecasts are often wrong and I guesstimate it myself and get it mainly right - + I even have a narrow view of sky on 'supposed to be' Bortle 5.

Well could not detect it at all - nice start & I am NOT into SDKs at all... yet.

But my main question is: where is a ONE page only for installing 'whatever necessary' ?

Second, is there a Quick startup guide with 'correct' links?
I have no problems with computers and computing, but I am not a developer - even thou I played a bit with 'Python' during lock down!

I am on Windows 10 Pro

Thank you for a reply


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