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I have owned my QHY163M for a couple of years and used it with USB2 with occasional garbled lines and hangs. I came to realize that the camera just doesn't work reliably without being connected to a powered hub with USB2. I had tried using the camera when it was new with USB 3 and it never worked reliably enough to get any use out of it that way so I resumed using USB 2 in hopes this was a driver issue. Well, here I am several years later and the USB3 issue still exists. I discovered this after upgrading to a new mount and other gear. I tried new USB 3 cables, usb 3 cables directly to pc, latest drivers, USB traffic to 0,20,30,60, new USB 3 hubs, different computers, different power supplies. Nothing fixes the problems with USB 3 hanging downloads and garbled frames. What's super annoying about this is that it will work one night but not the next morning or next night. You just cannot rely on USB 3 with this camera.
While reading through these forums over the years, I have seen many others with this problem but no consistent reason for the issue. I myself commented here in the past after checking the ribbon cables as suggested by Dr. Qiu. I would think that fixed the issue only to have it return a short while later.
Recently, I came across a post where Dr. Qiu  stated: "If the usb cable and computer socket is confirmed no problem by use another one. There do have a possible that the USB3.0 wire inside the camera has some problem. The USB2.0 and 3.0 is go though different line so if USB3.0 line has problem. USB2.0 line can work also."
Where can i check this USB3.0 wire? Is there a photograph you could provide pointing it out? If it is the problem, could I get one somewhere and have it shipped to me? I have checked the ribbon cables (white and brown) and re-seated them but that doesn't help.
Thanks for any information you can provide in sorting this out.


I have the QHYCFW2-S and QHY163M with the newest native and ASCOM drivers installed and when using the newest version of EZCap_QT, the program crashes when I click the setup button for the filter wheel.


New Camera Information / QHYEFW Light Leak
« on: January 08, 2017, 11:51:41 AM »
As a courtesy to future buyers, it would be nice to include some M3 x(3 or 4)mm cap screws to go into the OAG threaded holes on the filter wheel. If you aren't using the OAG or the M42 to 2" adapter, there is a significant light leak.


New Camera Information / QHY163M Power Supply
« on: January 06, 2017, 10:47:07 PM »
Would this power supply be ok for use with the QHY163M?



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