PHD Guiding

1.Run PHD Guiding software.
2.In Menu->Mount please select the On-Camera
3.Click the camera button. Select "ASCOM(Later) Camera"  The ASCOM camera chooser window will appear. Select "CMOS QHY5LII Camera" in the list. Click the Properties button. Make sure it is in 8bit mode (12bit unchecked)
4.Click the telescope button. It will say "Mount connected"
5.Click the third button.It will begin to loop preview.Adjust the exposure time and adjust the focus and find a star . Use mouse to select it. And click the "PHD" button. PHD guide software will begin to calibration and guide.

You can use MAXIMDL for autoguiding or for deep sky image capture.

For deep sky capture we recommand to use the 12bit mode. For autoguiding if you want to use the on-camera guide port you must select 8bit mode.

Run MAXIMDL. with short key "Ctrl+W" you can find the camera control panel.Click the "Setup Camera" Button in the Setup TAB. Select "ASCOM" in the camera model list.Click "Advanced" button the ASCOM Camera Chooser window will appear. Select "CMOS QHY5LII Camera" in the camera list. Click "ok" "ok"  and click the "Connect" button. The camera will be connected.
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