EZPlanetary On-Line User Manual (under construction)


EZPlanetary is a simple and easy planetary video capture/record software developed by QHYCCD. It can control the following QHYCCD Cameras


EZPlanetary offers the basic camera parameter control like the exposure time, gain, white balance, 8bit/12bit(or 14bit), mono/color etc. The video image can be store into the popular image format like FIT,BMP,JPG,AVI,SER...

This user manual will show you how to use the EZPlanetary. Please note EZPlanetary only offers the basic capture function. If you need more rich function please consider to use the free third part planetary capture software like the FireCapture, SharpCAP etc. QHYCCD get the well support of these softwares.
Software Download and installation

You can download EZPlanetary software at the download page of QHYCCD website. You will get a zip file after downloaded. Uncompress it and run the EXE file. The EZPlanetary software will be installed your computer. You can start the software from windows->start->QHYCCD Ezplanetary

You need install the Camera system driver also. Please look at the user manual of your camera for it.

If you want to use the live video broadcast function. You need install the broadcast WDM driver. You can find it at the download page.

EZPlanetary support English,Chinese,Deutsch language. You can select it from Menu->Language
Camera Connection

Connect the USB cable between camera and computer, Run EZPlanetary software. The camera name will appear on Menu->Camera.  On the right of the camera name there is a list to show all resolution and binning mode the camera supported. Click one and the camera will begin to capture.

After the camera connected successfully, the control panel on left of the EZPlanetary will be unlocked. You can try to adjust the exposure and gain etc.
Optimize camera FPS

When first running the EZPlanetary will start at a limited FPS. Because not all computer support the max FPS of the camera. If the USB bandwidth is exceed the computer capability it will cause a high ratio frame lost. It looks the software is hanging. To avoid this condition happen at the first time you are using. EZPlanetary only start at a low FPS speed.

You can refer the FAQ->QHY5-II FAQ for details method of optimize camera FPS.
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Connect QHY5-II camera
support multiple lanuages
Exposure time can be input with keyboard panel
Focus Assistant function:

EZP supply two assistant.
One is use edge detect method. When swith on the edge button in the focus panel, the focus
detection result image will appear . Detction area can be select by Double click mouse on the main image window

when out of focus, there is few edge can be detected.
better focus will give more edges and the value will be higher
open the Image Quality filter window will give a curve of the focus. This is an curve from out of focus , through focus and out of focus again.
Another focus assistant is the FWHM method. Edge method can not give a good result for point source like the star. FWHM method is better for star to get the FWHM of the star point. Focus is better when the value is smaller.
Histgram toolkit includes histogram, waveform, bird map and the average meter and peak meter.
in menu->tools   there is three new functions:  guide port test,  dark frame calibration and live video broadcast.

(You need to install QHYCCD WDM driver at first for broadcast function)

Guide port test is to test the hardware of guide port and the connection between guide port and mount.

some uncooled ccd camera and cmos camera output many hot pixels when exposure time long.
EZP V3.3 has the real time dark frame calibration function.

Select dark frame calibration menu item at first, Cover the telescope or lens and select capture dark frame.
The quantity of stack frames can be set . Normally speaking 10-50 frame is ok for calibration

This is a dark image of 5sec exposure QHY5-II