1. What's the maxium height of the 2inch filter with holder.
7mm , this height does not include the 2inch thread part

2. Does the camera come with OAG and what's the thread on the OAG
Yes it comes with QHYOAG-M. It is M54/0.75 thread on OAG.  It comes with a 2inch T-ring with M54/0.75 thread also.

3. What's the backfocus (includes all glass index)
This value is with the standard setup of the QHY16200A. No consider the QHY16200A with dual stange disk or QHY16200A with the thickness increased front case which is for the thick 2inch filter (>7mm)  with holder.

The dimentions not includes the filter glass index.

To the front of QHYOAG-M                      : 44.6mm
To the front of QHY16200A camera       : 34mm

4. Does it support unmounted 50mm filters and does it any addtional accessories needed

5. What's the grade (class) of the KAF16200 sensor used in QHY16200A
For fully released production, by default it is the grade 2.  In future we may supply the grade 1 options.

6. Does QHYCCD has the non-internal CFW version so that I can connect external bigger CFW?
We are developming it

7. If my 2inch filter height is exceed 7mm (not includes the thread height) . Can I ask a more thick front case?
Yes you can. We are planning to make a front case with more thickness. Please tell QHYCCD your filter height.

8.QHY16200A internal filter wheel is 5position. How to install more 2inch filters?
Currently QHY16200A has only one version with 5 position internal filter wheel.  Here is some solutions that QHYCCD can offer soon:

    8.1 Combination of  Standard QHY16200A + QHYCFW2-M to setup a dual five position CFW. QHYCCD is developming the software to support the cooperation working of the internal CFW and external QHYCFW2-M.

    8.2 QHY16200A non-internal disk version with QHYCFW2-L 7 position CFW. QHYCCD is developing the non-internal version

    8.3 QHY16200A with internal dual stage 5 position CFW. Under considering.

9. Is 36mm filter suitable for KAF16200 sensor
The following image is a simulate of using 36mm filter . It may has some risk to bring the dark corner. The brigher retangle is the effective area of CCD sensor.

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