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Capture and Guide ASCOM Plug-in Manual for MaxIm DL

V0132(beta) Capture-Version     Guiding-Version
Optimize the ASCOM memory regression time, avoid will appear in the 2 gb memory computer memory consumption phenomenon of light.Such as MaxIm DL hint of memory

Support: QHY5III refrigeration series camera
Fixed: The crashed issue for Minicam5 series cameras in V0130.

Added: Calibrate automatically when checked the 'remove overscan area';
Added: Supported QHY16200A and QHY90A cameras, and supported roi on the hardware;
Fixed:  Direction controlling in Guider was not correct.

Fixed:Exposure time is short of the 224 series display abnormal condition;

Fixed the low frame issue for QHY5RII.

Added:The offset setting for QHY5RII, solved the issue 
that background of image was too dark.

Fixed: If checked the 'Perform Overscan Correction' in setup dialog,
then  when switching binning mode the first frame capturing will fail.

Fixed cooler stuck at 100%;
Change Selection type to "QHYCCD-Cameras-Capture"


Fixed: The option "Perform Overscan Correction" didn't work;
Fixed: Can not download the image data in Win8.1;
Update: Update the depends dll of QHYCCD.

 Fixed the issue that unable to connect and displayed 
"a stringbuilder buffer has been overflowed..." in some computer.  
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